Advertising – create is our passion…

The communication of a company is variety and complex, that  involving all it takes to give visibility and value to the brand: corporate identity, corporate communication and product, advertising, sales point, packaging and marketing initiatives. An activity so variety, that involves various business entities, for produce significant results, necessity of deep knowledge of different media and a synergy collaboration between different professional skills.
Advertising Group, always keeping a creative approach the overall communication of the company, it has acquired, in the time, an important experience in the integrated use of different means and it’s able of providing the ideas, the operative support and and the necessary services to companies to achieve of their communication goals.

  • Target study
  • Collection or creation of the necessary material
  • Accurate layout studio
  • Choosing the type of paper and printing


You have already in mind your logo or have you drawn on a sheet of paper? We create and develop your logo with you, we’ll be happy to help you create your business mood.

Business Cards / Envelope / Letterhead
Be recognized and strengthen own brand are the primary goals. Togheter plan the corporate image means creating “the character” of a company.

Leaflets / Flyers / Posters
Characterized by size, functions and places, all serving the same purpose, to promote an event, a service, a brand or a product and they offer a resource among the most important: the visibility.

Brochures / Depliants / Catalogs
A key role in corporate communication. The harmony created from the texts, images and graphics will guide the end user through the history and services of your company, in order to offer an complete overview.

Advertising campaigns
Devise an advertising campaign means coordinate a series of advertisements, conveyed through one or more media (print – radio – tv), they aim to achieve a set goal.